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August 29, 2016

Factors to Consider When Deciding to Purchase Blinds or Shades When it comes to choosing between buying shades and blinds, it can be a confusing decision especially since they are all window attachments. It is amazing to note that if a client wants window outfitting that can be tilted and can be adjusted to let the sun in or prevent the sun from getting in then blinds are the best. Blinds are also an excellent choice for clients that need a beautiful, custom fit, clean looking and have a need for a lot of privacy. An interesting fact is that the prices of blinds vary depending on the type with the cheapest being vinyl, followed by aluminium, then faux wood (or textured vinyl) and the most expensive is wood. It is great to acknowledge that wood blinds come in bright and dark hues that are polished or painted at the finishes and they are the best fit for offices. They are susceptible to moisture and therefore are not suitable for use in kitchens or bathrooms because moisture in these areas can damage them. They are suitable for bedrooms or living rooms where they offer a softer, more romantic effect. Insulating blinds have a duo-benefit in that they the help to save on energy costs and also filter or block out light thus they save the client money when it comes to energy costs. When it comes to purchasing blinds, there are two major issues to look into which are the wideness of horizontal blinds and the length of vertical blinds. Wider horizontal slats create the illusion of having bigger windows and more space in flats and small rooms whereas vertical blinds are the best choice for windows that have a longer width than height and are ideal for picture windows with a wide view or across sliding doors. The upside with blinds is that the client does not have to put the blinds at half-mast to let in the light like shades. An incredible fact to highlight is that blinds are also an excellent choice for bathrooms and bedrooms because they can be let down but are still adjustable to let in light but the only downside is that they require more commitment when it comes to cleaning them.
Study: My Understanding of Shades
Shades are a good choice for a client that is looking for versatility and style. They offer an array of options when creating different looks and moods by combining various textures, patterns and fabric weight. Their main advantage is that they can easily refresh any room and can create a warmer, softer look. Their disadvantage is that to keep them fresh the client will have to get hand-wash vinyl shades whereas fabric shades need to be vacuumed regularly and either spot-cleaned or sent to for professional cleaning.Why not learn more about Shades?